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About this Blog

  • Aug 09 / 2015
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About this Blog

About this Blog and it’s Author

Hello, my name is Re’ Schlitt, I am the creator and primary voice of I Heart My Marriage.  I started this blog after becoming disgusted by what currently passes  for an acceptable marriage in our society today. Through the sharing of articles I work to provide married couples with the tools to not only revive failing marriages, but also help couples with strong marriages take their married life to the next level.

I myself am a husband of 22 years and a father to two wonderful children. In addition to authoring this site, I am a Certified Christian Life Coach and the founder of New Beginnings Life Coaching. When not writing or working, I can usually be found with my lovely wife Cheryl relaxing at a campsite. 

I can be reached via Email at feedback@iheartmymarriage.com